Welcome to Catholic Prayer Bank

Our goal: To be an answer to your prayers.

There is a world of 7 billion people out there. Someone, somewhere, has whatever it is you happen to need right now.

You have untapped value and unlimited potential to be an answer to someone else’s prayers. You may simply need guidance in finding and unlocking that value so you know what you have to offer that someone else may need.

We work by connecting the value you have to offer with those who need it most and, in turn, helping you connect with the people who have what you need most.

How It Works

Step 1. You create a login and an inventory of services you can offer or products you provide along with a list of things you want or need. You also decide whether you are only willing to accept direct trade or whether you will accept social credit for what you have to offer.

Step 2. The system searches through our list of users and compares the list of what you need or want to the list of what other users offer.

Step 3. If a user has what you need or want, the system then compares to see if there is a direct match between what you offer and what they need or want. If there is, a trade recommendation is sent to both of you.

Step 4. If there is no direct match to what you offer, a second search is conducted to see if there are users who need or want something you do offer and have something that a user who has what you need or want could use. If there is, each of the three of you will be sent a trade recommendation.

Step 5. If nobody needs what you offer, your account will be flagged and those who have chosen to be part of the social credit system will be notified of your need. They can then choose to offer you the thing you need in exchange for social credit rather than direct value.

Step 6. To prevent abuses of the social credit system, users who consistently benefit from social credit without contributing to it will have that feature disabled until they have built their social credit balance back up.

Step 7. After a trade is completed, both parties will be asked to review the results of the trade. These reviews will be used to prioritize the rankings of offers and requests.

Step 8. Those who are generous with their social credit will be given first priority in their requests and searches.